• Smart Fly EQ6

The PowerSystem Eq6 combines three Smart-Fly products into one compact, light system.  The unit has eight channels, six of which have the Equalizer (servo matching) function built into them.  The unit uses Deans Ultra Plug connectors for power and accepts power from two 2-cell Li-ion or Li-poly batteries.  The unit has a built in BatShare to protect against one bad battery affecting the other battery.  Power for the receiver is brought straight from the battery connector to a filter and regulator that supplies clean 5.0V power to the receiver.  The servo regulator is adjustable from 5.5V to 6.5V and is connected by a large power bus to the servo output connectors resulting in no voltage drop due to wiring or connector resistance.  The PowerSystem Eq6 comes in two flavors, standard and Turbo.  The standard version is designed for 85cc to 120cc size planes and the regulator can supply 7.5 amps of continuous current with 15 amp peaks.  The Turbo version is meant for 150cc and larger size planes and the regulator can supply 17.5 amps of continuous current with 35 amp peaks.  The unit also includes our Ignition Cutoff as a built-in feature.  This provides an optically isolated ignition kill function for gas engines with electronic ignition modules.  We also sell the units without the Cutoff receiver module and fiber-optic cable for jet applications.

  • For up to 100cc (IMAC 3D) / 120cc (IMAC only) / 25lb Scale gas aircraft or jets
  • Light weight, 4.4oz, 128g and compact, 6.0” x 3.0” design
  • For Li-ion or Li-poly batteries
  • Battery inputs protected against battery faults, lost cell or short
  • Adjustable servo regulator, 5.5V-6.5V, 17.5amps continuous, 40 amps peak
  • 6 of the 8 channels have servo matching and reversing
  • Filtered and regulated 5.0V power to receiver
  • Receivers can be end-loading or top-loading
  • Fully buffered and RF filtered signal line for each servo
  • Long servo lead line matching
  • Built-in Ignition Cutoff

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Smart Fly EQ6

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