In The Box
  • (1) Spektrum™ NX10SE Special Edition 10-Channel DSMX® Transmitter
  • (1) NX10SE Custom Carrying Foam Case
  • (1) 6000mAh LiIon Transmitter Battery
  • (1) Magnetic USB Cable and Micro USB Adapter for USB Charging
  • (1) NX10SE Transmitter Neck Strap
  • (1) Orange Grip Set
  • (1) Orange Switch Nuts
  • (1) Optional-use Short and Long Stick Ends
  • (1) Spektrum Decal Set
  • (1) Product Manual

  • Needed to Complete

    (1) Compatible Spektrum™ Receiver
  • Exclusive to the NX10 Special Edition Transmitter:

    • Machined aluminum gimbals with magnetic encoders for advanced precision, low maintenance, and exceptionally smooth operation
    • Optional orange switch nuts and orange grip set
    • Protective foam case with pockets for tools and accessories
    • Short, medium, and long stick ends for customization

    NX10 Transmitter Features:

    • Backlit 3.2", 320x240 display screen with multiple color palette choices and user customizable colors
    • Wi-Fi connectivity for easy product registration and firmware updates
    • Smart Technology compatibility out of the box
    • 3.7V 6000mAh 1S Lithium Ion transmitter battery and a magnetic USB Cable and Micro USB Adapter for convenient USB charging
    • Airplane, sailplane, multi-rotor, and helicopter programming
    • 250 model memory
    • Model templates available for BNF® aircraft

    Next-Level Precision

    For intermediate to advanced level pilots who fly high performance aircraft, the Spektrum NX10 10-channel DSMX® transmitter has provided the best opportunity to enjoy truly innovative radio control. The NX10 includes an incredible array of exclusive technologies and advanced connectivity features that are found in no other 10-channel transmitters. This Special Edition version adds new upgrades that make it a uniquely next-level flying experience.

    Among its enhanced features are machined aluminum gimbals with magnetic encoders for advanced precision, low maintenance, and exceptionally smooth operation. Short, medium, and long stick ends are provided for customizing the ergonomics to your personal touch. The NX10SE also comes with optional orange switch nuts and an orange grip set, as well as a protective foam case with pockets to store accessories and tools.

    Out of the box, the NX10SE is compatible with Smart Technology. It's ready to support your Spektrum Smart batteries and Smart Avian ESCs, so you can receive important telemetry data right at your fingertips in real time. Exclusive Spektrum Airware software is also included to provide the easiest, most intuitive programming available.

    The NX10SE radio's Wi-Fi connectivity adds more convenience. In addition to completing product registration straight from the transmitter, you'll be able to download firmware updates instantly. It's a totally modern user experience with some of the same features and capabilities found in the top-of-the-line Spektrum iX Series radios.

    More proven Spektrum radio expertise can be found in the NX10SE transmitter's ergonomic design. The contours, balance, and control positions combine to increase the accuracy of your inputs and provide unparalleled comfort. An easy-to-use roller wheel interface simplifies programming, with a 3.2" color display to make menus easy to read. Even a rechargeable 1S 6000mAh Li-Ion transmitter battery and magnetic USB Cable and Micro USB Adapter for convenient USB charging are included.

    From its brilliantly designed display to the Wi-Fi connectivity plus built-in Smart Technology support and exclusive upgrades, the NX10SE gives experienced pilots access to a wide array of Spektrum exclusive advantages and innovations. Fly your aircraft with next-level control — choose the 10-channel NX10SE transmitter.

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Spektrum NX10SE 10-Channel Transmitter Only

  • Brand: SPEKTRUM
  • Product Code: SPMR10110
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  • Rs 250,000