The Mamba 10 is a fantastic aerobatic and 3D flyer. Biplanes offer a unique challenge as every aspect of the design must be optimized, from the structure, to the aerodynamics, and control system. Only years of experience designing aircraft in this category can produce the Mamba 10’s aggressive, yet forgiving characteristics. The Flex Innovations team has the ability to optimize all of these points.

Quique Somenzini knows how to optimize biplane aerodynamics like no other, having won F3A and 3D world championships with his biplane designs. A biplane with less coupling or better manners cannot be found.

The structure is highly optimized offering an aircraft that is stiff and strong, yet light in weight. Its plywood sub-structure keeps the motor secure while offering great mounting and cooling for the battery.

Length                43.4"(1102mm)

Wing Span         40.7"(1033mm)

Weight               1520  g with 3s 2200mAh

Wing Area         691.3 (

Battery               2100-3300 mAh 3S 40C

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Flex Innovations MAMBA 10 G1 SUPER PNP w/o Auro 8

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  • Rs 42,500