Continually providing high performance and durable EPP foamies, JTA Innovations took yet another leap forward with the release of the 33” MXS. In 6mm EPP just as the previous Gamebird, the MXS is an excellent compliment. Tested by high profile 3D/freestyle pilots here in the United States, the MXS has proven to satisfy some very technical demands. Both striking color schemes are designed by Kim Quenette and are sure to catch attention. JTA Innovations also introduces another development in the carbon fiber construction technique with this release. The use of flat carbon fiber throughout the airframe not only improves durability reducing flex and wear on the EPP, but also helps keep mass centralized in certain parts of the airframe. 

Recommended Equipment:

 Motor - Hacker A10-9L, T-Motor AT2303, equivalent

 ESC - 10-15 amp

 Servos - 6-12 gram (Qty. 3)

 Propeller - 8-9” (APC Indoor SF highly recommended)

 Battery - 2S or 3S 350-750 mAh depending on motor/ESC capabilities 

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33" MXS Red

  • Rs 11,500